Every night Aa’-maal

1.Surah Al Qadr 1000 times
2.Surah Al Dukhaan 100 times

“Allaahumma rabba shahri ramaz’aanal lad’ee anzalta feehil qur-aana waftarz’ta a’laa I’baadika feehis s’iyaama s’alli a’laa Muh’ammadin wa aali Muhammad waszuqnee h’ajia baytikal h’araam fee a’amee haad’aa wa fee kulli a’am waghfir lee tilkad’d’unoobal I’z’aam fa’innahoo laa yaghfiruhaa ghayruka yaa rah’maan yaa a’llaam.”

“O Allah, the Lord, (this is) the month of Ramazan, in it Thou revealed the Holy Quran, and in it made obligatory “fasting” upon Thy servants, send blessings on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad, and provide us with the means to go to Thy Sacred House for “Hajj” this year and every year; and in this month forgive my grave sins, verily, other than Thee, no one can liberate (me) from its consequences, O Beneficent, O Omniscient.”

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