Sah’ariyy (Sahur) Before daybreak

Morning Meal and Niyyat for Fasting and eat dates, milk, food and / or water to start the fast for the day. The time for the completion of your morning meal is about ten minutes before ‘Salat ul Fajr’, which is about 80 minutes before sunrise. Always eat dates, food or water before fasting because it is ‘Sunnate- Moakada’ and it distinguishes us from other religions.

“Yaa mafza-e’e I’dna kurbatee wa yaa ghawthee I’nda shiddatee ilayka fazia tu wa bikastaghath-tu wa bika lud’tu laa alood’u bi-swaaka wa laa at’lubul faraja illaa minka fa’fghithnee wa farrij a’nnee yaa man yaqbalulyaseer wa yaa-foo a’nil katheer iqbal minnil yaseera eaa’-fu a’nnil katheer innaka antal ghafoorur rah’eem allaahumma innee ad-aluaka eemaanan tubaashiru bihee qalbee wa yaqeenan h’ataa aa’-lama annahhu lan yus’eebanee illaa maa katabta lee was raz’z’inee minal a’yshi binaa wasamta lee yaa arh’smar raah’imeen yaa u’ddatee fee kurbatee wa yaa s’aah’ibee fee shiddatee wa yaa waliyyee fee nia’-matee wa yaa ghaayatee fee reghbatee antas saa tiru a’wratee wal aaminu roo-a’tee wal muqeelu a’thratee faghfirlee khateee-atee yaa arh’amar rah’imeen.”

“O my Ultimate Sanctuary when troubles surround me! O my Last Hope when difficulties trouble me! Unto Thee I turn to, before Thee I stand to get help, with Thee I take refuge, except Thee there is no refuge; I do not seek joy after sorrow from anyone save Thee, so come to my help and free me from cares.O He who accept even the smallest (efforts) but excuses from restrictions, accept whatever little there is and release from hardships frequently, Verily Thou art Oft-forgiving, Merciful.O Allah I ask for the faith which gives joy, satisfaction and confidence to my heart till I am positively aware that I will not have my fill unless it has been approved for me, and happiness will agree with me only whereby justly and fairly distributed,O the Most Merciful.
O my “means” in my troubles!
O my Companion in my difficulties!
O my Guardian in my happiness!
O the ultimate of my inclinations!
Thou covers up my shortcomings, affords security in the event of crisis end fearful disasters, therefore, overlook my transgressions,
O the Most Merciful.”

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