Sermon by Abu Bakr As-Siddiq R A on Sincerity and drawing Lessons

Abu Bakr As-Siddiq RA gave a speech once and started it with praising Alláh and thanking Him, then said:

“Verily, Alláh does not accept deeds except those which were performed for the Sake of His Pace only. Therefore, seek Alláh Pace by your actions. Know that whatever action you do with sincerity to Alláh is an act of obedience that you performed, a good share that you earned, a duty that you fulfilled, and a reserve that you keep from perishable days to everlasting days. At that time you will be most in need and in anticipation (for these good deeds).”

O slaves of Alláh! Draw a lesson from those who died before you.Think about those who lived before you. Where were they yesterday? Where are they today? Where are the tyrants who were noted for the wars they waged and earned victories in battle? Time has eliminated them and they disintegrated to dust. The only things that remain from them are their evil statements, and verily, evil statements are for evil people and evil people are for evil statements. Where are the kings who ruled on the earth and inhabited it? They have become a thing of the past and their memory has been forgotten. They have become nothing. Yet, Alláh the Exalted and Most Honored has kept for them the evil burden of their deeds, but ended their streak of lusts. They perished, but the deeds they committed remained theirs even though the world has become for others. We were created after them, so if we draw lessons from their fate we will attain deliverance. Otherwise, if
we were deceived by all ofthis, we will eam a fate similar to theirs.

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