A Speech that the Prophet saww delivered at Mina

The Prophet saww delivered a speech in Al-Khaif in Mina, an area near Makkah, as follows:

May Alláh give radiance to a slave who heard my speech, memorized it and delivered it to whoever did not hear it. Verily,

there might be one who delivers information, even though he does not fully understand it himse1f. There might be one who delivers information to one who understands it better than he does. Three qualities will not cause the Muslim to be cheated on their account: performing deeds in sincerity with Alláh, giving sincere advice to Muslim Leaders and adhering by their Jama ‘ah. 1 veri1y, the invocation of the leaders encompasses all those behind them.”

In another narratiorr’ the Prophet saww said:

“He whose dedication is to matters of the Hereafter, then Alláh swt will gather his strength for him and make his wealth in his heart. Hence, this life will rush to him with submission. As for he whose concern is this life, then Alláh will dissolve his strength and make his poverty apparent between his eyes. He will only collect from this 1ife what has been written for him.”

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