Ex-Rapper “Loon” Accepts Islam

The thirty four year old young man, who assumed the name “LOON”, was a member of “Bad Boys” band. He was an international singer of rap and hip-hop, and the sales of his albums exceeded seven million CDs.

This great religion succeeded to attract this youth because it answered many of the questions that confused him for years. Loon also realized that Muslims are completely different from the rumors said about them by the American mass media as he found them very loving and hospitable people. Therefore, he did not hesitate to accept Islam, and he changed his name from Loon to Amir. His wife and his son could not resist Islam’s mysterious beauty, so they converted to Islam after him.

Amir visited Mecca last week to perform Omra, Islamic rite, for the first time in his life, with his colleague Basel. Basel was also a celebrity who spent twenty one years of his life as a singer. His former name was Lizly Bridgen, and he assumed the name FREEWAY.

Describing his life before Islam, Amir says, “I was an outstanding figure in America as I achieved a brilliant success as a rapper.”

” seven months ago, I visited Abu Zabi, Emirate’s capital, and there I found the real happiness and tranquility which my wealth and fame failed to give me all over my life as a singer.”

He said, “I was affected with the Arab Muslim’s culture; and I admired their refined morals, their kind treatment with people, and especially  their regular going to pray in the mosque five times every day.”

“Consequently, I began to ask about the reality of this religion, and whether it was only exclusive for Arabs, and I realized that Islam includes all human beings without any consideration to their nationalities.”

“Then, I announced my conversion to Islam after a profound thinking, and I prayed for the first time after my return to my home in Harlem, New York.”

“I became very enthusiast to know more about Islam when I joined a Canadian Organization calling for Islam, and now I work on attracting the popular singers and artists to understand Islam’s tolerant principles.”

Amir describes his feelings during his visit to Mecca and to El-Medina when he states,” when I was performing Omra, a few days ago, I lived a very poignant moment when I saw the holy Kaaba for the first time in my life.”

He adds, “I could not bear this affecting situation, so I could not stand on my feet, and I began to cry thanking Allah who allowed me to perform this magnificent ritual, and to visit the Prophet’s honorable mosque.”

Before Amir’s departure, the manager of The Universal Organization for Scientific Miracles, Dr Abd Allah Ben Mohammad El-Hammody, and his assistant, Dr Ahmad Ben Hamam, gave him a number of publications which define Islam and link it with life’s diverse domains.

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