Answer that shocked American christian girl, Why Muslimah wear Hijab

Answer that shocked the American Christian girl, Why Muslimah wear Hijab

In America,France and other western country, women have liberty to show their body, to attract men towards them, but this become cruel when we heard that women get raped in daytime, like in Christianity people look at nun with respect and no bad thoughts come to their mind.

Hijab is modesty, it secure Women from bad eyes of men, and save her beauty for only her husband. in this lecture A. Deedat describe beautifully about hijab.

Ahmed Hussein Deedat (July 1, 1918August 8, 2005) was a Muslim scholar, writer, charismatic public speaker and Islamic missionary of Indian-South African descent.
Here Deedat shows us a funny good answer to a Christian girl.
We need to understand what we do in our life.
We are live in the age of speed and knowledge :
** find what’s your place in the world
** Why are we created ? and by whom ?
** Is everything we here from the media is true ?
It’s your choice so, find it.
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Good luck with searching…..

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