Beautiful Masjid Photos

A few nice Masjid images I found:

Shibam, Hadhramaut

Image by Najeeb Musallam
Masjed Aljame’a, also know as Haroon Alrashid mosque, the biggest and the oldest mosque in the town, hostorian said that the mosque established in the early days of Islam when the Hadhrami people entered Islam, prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sent Ziyad Ibn Labid Al-Ansari to Hadhramaut as a ruller and to teach the Hadhramis Islam’s principals Ziad was spending his time between Shibam & Tarim the major two towns in Hadhramaut that time, the mosque also renewd by Ziades who where rulling big part of Yemen on behalf or Baghdad Abbasid Khalifah Haroon Alrashid time in the 2nd century of Hijrah.
The photo took after Eid Al-Fitr prayers 1427H-2006
Taken & authorised by Salem Wadaan

Corridor of Prayer

Image by Meanest Indian
At the majestic Jama Masjid (mosque) near Teen Diwarja in the Old City.

b i g b l u e

Image by yatee
masjid negeri pulau pinang

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