Monotheism is the essence of Islam, and it emphasizes the Oneness of Allah. Muslims believe in One eternal and unique God. He is the Creator of all that exists, yet He cannot be compared to anything of His creation. Muslims acknowledge that Allah alone is divine, that He alone is the Creator and Sustain er of creation. He is all-knowing and all-powerful,completely just and merciful.

Allah is not part of His creation, nor is any of it a part of Him. The significance of exclusive divinity is that no one and nothing in existence is worthy to be worshiped except Allah, the Creator and Sustain er of all things. In Islam, everything is built upon the Oneness of Allah.

No act of worship has any meaning if the concept of monotheism is in any way compromised.

The proper name of God is “Allah”. He is the same God known to Christians, Jews and to people of other monotheistic faiths.

Allah sent a series of messages to mankind through appointed prophets and messengers. Quite a few of them are familiar to people of Jude-Christian background, such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and many others.

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