Assalamu alaikum waraghmatullahi wanbarakatu

biesmisllahi raghmanie raghiem

Oh ﺂللَّــہ bless us with good health, bless us with prosperity,bless us with happiness,bless us with contentment,bless us with Zuhd( not to be obsessed with the material world) with sabr and shukr,bless us with a life of taqwa, bless us with your Ma’rifah,bless us with your yaqeen, oh ﺂللَّــہ bless us with your Muhabbat.

Oh ﺂللَّــہ , bless us with Istiqaamat. Bless us with steadfastness in our imaan.

Oh controller of hearts,make our hearts firm on your deen.

Oh ﺂللَّــہ bless us with the Ittiba(obedience) of Rasulullah صلى الله عليه وسلم

Oh ﺂللَّــہ grant us Taufeeq of following the sunnats of Nabi صلى الله عليه وسلم

Oh ﺂللَّــہ ,bless us with the best of the Dunya and Aakhirah. It’s by patience that we understand and forgive. It’s by trials that we become strong and gain wisdom. It’s by sharing that we become a blessing to others. May الله enable us to continue to enrich our lives and make a difference in the lives of others

-Ameen! Salaams and duaa. Remb me in your Du’aa’s.

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