All praise is due to ALLAH SWT; the Lord of the universe; may He ALLAH SWT exalt the mention of Prophet Muhammad who was sent as a mercy for mankind, his family and all his companions.
Computer games have invaded the markets and are controlling the minds of our children and youth. They have brought with them new traditions, cultures and beliefs which totally oppose Islam. These devices differ according to their origin, but the biggest selling one in the Arab Gulf region is the ‘Playstation’. Other popular ones are the ‘Dreamcast’, ‘Nintendo 64’ and many others.
There are new disks in their thousands which contain games for these devices.These devices and their corresponding games have become widespread and sell very quickly in our society due to many reasons. Among them are: weak and inadequate supervision by parents; the high technical quality of these devices; the captivating graphics, images and personalities found in the games and the excitement created by presentation of imaginary and virtual worlds. These devices have therefore become so popular that one can rarely find a home in which one or more of them are not present.

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