Computer Games…Part 2

The size of the problem…..

No one can deny the importance of recreation and play in the life of our children and youth; children’s activities mostly comprise of fun games, entertainment and playing, and this is how most of their energy is used up.
Before the invasion of computer games, playing was very beneficial for children physically, emotionally, educationally and for their nervous systems, but this invasion caused many changes, for although some of these games are useful in enhancing levels of thinking and developing intelligence, they are harmful to children in many other ways. They damage their faith, manners, physical health, emotional well being and negatively affect many other aspects of their lives.
Undoubtedly, the manufacturers of these devices have their own beliefs, cultures and concerns which are very different from Islam, as they are not Muslims and do not consider Islam as a religion which is worth paying any attention to. Moreover, they see that Muslims have reached the lowest levels of imitation and acceptance of other cultures, and that this is the reason why the Muslims do not consider Islamic regulations when purchasing their games and other amusement devices. In fact some organizations openly and deliberately mock Islam and the Muslims, and violate the sensitivities of Muslims, such as the Walt Disney Corporation, which is operated with Jewish backing.
It is amazing how a Muslim who carries the Islamic creed, manners and education can accept with contentment everything that these companies produce.Whatever happened to the Islamic prohibitions of music, pornography and the resemblance of the opposite sex when it came to buying these devices? Any father who purchases these games is oppressing his child, because these games contribute to the formation of the child’s personality and character and develop them in line with the people of the country where these devices were invented, be it Japan, the United States any other non-Muslim country. These are countries whose civilisations were established with no weight given to morality or virtue. How can a father not ask himself what benefit his child will gain from these games or what harms they will bring? Why does he not ask himself if the benefits of such games outweigh the harm? Does any father actually preview and monitor these games to see what they contain before allowing his child to have free access to them?

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