Sins are addictive and come in different natures. Therefore, it may not be as simple as making a list and crossing out one after another; some sins require time whilst others require special aid and support.

For example, sins relating to monetary aspects such as interest based loans and having taken the div align=“right”s of others will require time to repay. However a firm intention should be made and every effort should be made to repay these loans and rights.

Similarly, some sins will require help from the ‘Ulamaa or Shuyookh (Spiritual Guides). These can be sins which we cannot overcome ourselves and require a method and monitoring to ensure its elimination. Sins such as forbidden glances at the opposite gender, the leaving of Salaah, lying, anger, pride and arrogance are just a few that may require assistance from another. Increase the reward in leaving the sin by ensuring help is sought; the greater the effort the greater the reward and pleasure or ridding from the sin.

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