Draw decides which of four brothers will give sibling kidney


JEDDAH: Disputes over sharing of property or inheriting family business are common. But Dhahran has witnessed an unusual fight among four brothers — over donating kidney to their youngest brother. Coincidentally, all the brothers were found fit to donate kidney to the youngest sibling Abdullah, who had suffered a renal failure and was ill for over a year.
“Surprisingly, none of the brothers was willing to withdraw the offer,” one of their relatives was quoted as saying by Al-Watan newspaper on Saturday. When it became impossible to decide on the donor as all were equally determined for the noble and loving act, the eldest brother, Hussein Mansur Al-Sabhan, suggested that they hold a draw to choose one of them, the relative said.
“All the four were left with no option but to agree to the proposal. Younger brother Mohammed (32), who works as a journalist with the Bidaya channel, was all smiles when the draw came in his favor.”
The kidney transplant operation was successfully conducted by doctors Sayid Mohammed Rida and Amira Al-Abbasi at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center last Tuesday. The surgery was successful and the two brothers will be discharged soon, the report said. The donor brother was quoted as saying: “Our family’s happiness will be complete when we see Abdullah enjoying good health.”

Source: islamicnewsdaily

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