Abu Hurayrah, may Allaah be please with him narrated that the Messenger of Allaah, sallaahu alayhee wassalaam, said, what translated means.

Each day the sun rises, there is a Sadaqah(an act of charity) on every Sulamah(bone) in the people: Solving dispute between two people with justice is a Sadaqah: helping a man ride on his means of transportation is a Sadaqah: a good words is a Sadaqah: every step you take to the prayers(in the masjid is a Sadaqah; and removing the harm(rocks, dirt tree branches, etc) from the road is a Sadaqah.”

Related by Al-Bukhaari & Muslim

Helping Others in Righteousness

The Messenger of Allaah ( :saw: ) said, “ Helping a man ride on his means of transportation is a Sadaqah and helping him lift his property up on it is a Sadaqah

The righteous acts mentioned in this portion of the Hadeeth are a part of thanking Allaah for giving mankind the bones that provide them with physical strength .

Helping a Muslim get on his animal or in his car, also helping him carry his possessions, are all good, righteous acts of charity.

Muslims will certainly be rewarded for the help that they extend to other people. Allaah has orderd the muslims to:

Help you one another in al-Bir and Taqwa(piety); but do not help one another in sin and transgression.

Helping one another eases the carious hardships and overcomes the hurdles and the difficulties of life. Furthermore, no one is able to avoid depending on other’s peoples help some manner. Helping one another also achieves harmony and spreads brotherly love in the Muslim society, both righteous virtues that Allaah has encouraged the Muslims to achieve and practice.

Uttering Good Words

The prophet said, “A good word is a Sadaqah.” This includes greeting other Muslims when you meet them, remembering Allaah with the tongue, enjoining the good and forbidding the evil, interceding on peoples behalf with authorties so that they acieve what they need, and advising other Muslims with what will acieve love, peace, piety and harmony amonth them.

While encouraging Muslims to be kind with those who need assistance or kindness, Allaah said what translated means.

Kind words and forgiving of faults are better than Sadaqah (charity) followed by injury. And Allaah is Rich (Free of all wants) and He is Most-Forbearing. [2:263]

Also, Allaah said about remembering Him:

To Him ascend (all) the goodly words, and the righteous deeds exalt it (the goodly words i.e. the goodly words are not accepted by Allaah unless and until they are followed by good deeds) ]

As for interceding on people’s behalf with the authories to help them acquire their permissible needs, Allaah said, what translated means:

Whosoever intercedes for a good cause will have the reward thereof, and whosoever intercedes for an evil cause will have a share in its burden.[4:85]

And finally, Allaah said about the virtue of calling on people to do all that which is righteous and good.

And who is better in speech than he who [says: “My Lord is Allah (believes in His Oneness),” and then stands straight (acts upon His Order), and] invites (men) to Allah’s (Islamic Monotheism), and does righteous deeds, and says: “I am one of the Muslims.” [41:33]

There are many other texts in the Quraan and the Sunnah that encourage uttering the goodly words and emphasize the virtue of observing purity in what the tongue indulges in, while staying firm and being steadfast on the path of truth and justice in all this.

Walking to the Masjid

The Rasul( :saw: ) said,

“Every step you take to the prayers)in the Masjid) is a Sadaqah.” This portion of the Hadeeth encourages Muslims to Join the Jama’ah(congregational) prayer in the Masjid for the purpose of praying, learning matters of the deen, etc.

There are several other Ahadeeth that encourage this righteous behavior from Muslims, such as, “He who Ghada (went out in the morning) or Ra’ha(went out in the afternoon) to the Masjid, Allaah will prepare for him a place of dwelling in Paradise every time he Ghada or Ra’ha.”[Bukhaari and Muslim] Also Jaabir said, “There was an empty land next to the Prophet’s Masjid (in Madinah). So the tribe of Salamah wanted to move (to that area which is) next to the Masjid, When the news reached the Rasul ( :saw: ), he said, ‘It has been conveyed to me that you want to move next to the Masjid.’ They said, ‘Yes O Messenger of Allaah! We certainly wanted to do that. ‘He said, O banu (children of) Salamah! Stay in your area, and your steps (to the Masjid) will be recorded for you.’”[Muslim].

The tribe of banu Salamah later said, “Had we moved (before we heard this statement from the Rasul), it would not have been gratifying for us.’” [Muslim]. They disliked to move their area after they heard the benefit of walking the distance to the Masjid, as the more the effort one pays, the greater his reward will be, Inshaa’Allaah.

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