Egyptian general threatens journalists

Egyptian military

An Egyptian military official has praised the country’s new “anti-terror” law which places heavy restrictions on journalists and the media, Quds Press has reported.

Speaking during a TV debate with the secretary-general of the Egyptian Press Syndicate, Major General Mohammed Shihawi criticised journalists’ condemnation of the act, which they believe “ties their hands”.

“We will have the journalists stay at home,” Shihawi told Gamal Abdel-Rahim during the live programme. “We will not read newspapers.”

In response, a clearly angry Abdel-Rahim called for Shihawi to apologise before continuing the discussion. “Who you are?” he asked the general. “Whom do you represent? What is your knowledge of law?”

“All the country must support this law instead of feeling shocked or raising their voice,” replied Shihawi, to which the journalists’ representative said, “Neither you nor anyone else in Egypt can keep journalists at home.”

Source: islamicnewsdaily

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