El-Baradei: EU Envoy Bernardino Leon planned coup against Morsi

Mohamed El-Baradei

Former Egyptian Vice President Mohamed El-Baradei has revealed that EU Envoy Bernardino Leon “is the one who planned the military coup against President Mohamed Morsi.”

El-Baradei made his remarks during a political seminar in which he talked about the events in Egypt.

“In July 2013, I had to be a part of the opposition, but mainly so I could say that we needed a comprehensive consensual approach. We need to reach a point where we have what we can call the Islamists and the non-Islamists, but I do not have an exact description for who the Islamists are; there are many levels and spectrums,” El-Baradei said.

“What happened next was the exact opposition of my predictions. I predicted that early presidential elections would be held, that Morsi would have a dignified exit, and that a comprehensive approach would be reached that the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists would be a part of,” he added.

El-Baradei also stated that: “I expected that the plan that Bernardino Leon had put in place; the plan he is now trying to execute once again in Libya. However, everything has been thrown out the window, violence has become entrenched in the area, and there is no place for someone like me; no place for politics.”

He stressed that he believes that “in a society where there is no clear concept of justice and consensus, nor is there any political space, I can have no effect or influence, nor can I be part of it.”

Bernardino Leon, a Spanish diplomat, was appointed in August 2014 as the Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, succeeding Tarek Mitri.

Source: islamicnewsdaily

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