We chase Dunya so much, some for career,success fame,status,money and some for love,honor,respect or companionship.

Yet the harder we chase the faster we fall, the deeper we seek the weaker we become,nothing in this world is ours.
The man or woman you love so much, they are not yours, the money you want so badly will never be enough. The fame you wish will not last forever, so we chase this world for few seconds of satisfaction.

Not even the air in your lungs belongs to you
Nothing is ours not today, not tomorrow.. not ever!
All belongs to Him, and if He wishes He gives and if He wishes He takes.

Accept His way and your heart will have peace, or else chase and die trying to find nothing.. or chase and run towards Him and find everlasting peace!

Don’t ever be jealous of people when they tell you about all the awesome experiences they are having. Allah has planned something for them and has also planned for you. Be happy for them but also look forward to your own surprises in life. Be patient, because if they don’t come in this life, they’ll come in Jannah

In shaa Allaah.

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