Famous French singer Diam’s has announced in a newly-published autobiography that she has embraced Islam and decided to wear hijab.

The book tells about Diam’s life, hardships, conversion to Islam and choosing to wear hijab.

“In the height of success I suffered from a major depression and visited different psychologists, but none of them could help me,” she says in her book.

Diam’s, whose real name is Melanie Georgiades, said she found that the way out of depression was in saying prayers and reading the Qur’an.

The 32-year-old artist said she embraced Islam during a visit to the Mauritius Island in 2008 when she also decided to wear hijab and open a center to support orphans.

Diam’s who recently made her first television appearance wearing hijab said Islam was introduced to her by coincidence, when she saw a Muslim friend praying.

In an exclusive TV interview with French TV station TF1, she said her “conversion to Islam was the result of a personal conviction, after understanding the religion and reading the Holy Quran.”

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