Greatest Jihad

Greatest Jihad


“The Prophet (S) dispatched his soldiers to battle front to fight against the enemy. When the soldiers returned triumphant, the Prophet said: ‘ Congratulations! For those who have successfully completed the “Minor-Struggle ” (Jihad-e-Asghar), but they have yet to engage themselves into Greater-Struggle (Jihad-e-Akbar) ‘. He was asked: ‘Oh Prophet of God! What is the Greater- Struggle?”

‘Struggle against the self.’ Replied the Prophet (S).”

“A wise man keeps himself engaged in struggle against his self, thus, reforming and preventing him from indulging into passions and amusements, and in this manner subdues him ultimately taking over his possession. Such a wise person is so must preoccupied in his self-refinement that he is totally detached with the world, whatever it contains and its dwellers.”

-Gharar al-Hukm, vol.1

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