HC Allows Muslim Girls to Appear for Medical Entrance Test With Hijab

The Kerala High Court granted conditional permission to two Muslim girls to appear for the July 25 All-India Pre-Medical Entrance Test (AIPMT) wearing hijab, a customary religious dress.

Passing orders on their petition, Justice K Vinod Chandran said the students shall appear before women invigilators half-an-hour before the examination.

The court refused to interfere with the dress code prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for students appearing for AIPMT to prevent malpractices and said the petitioners would be subjected to any mode of personal search on any suspicion expressed by the invigilator.

If required, the headscarfs and full sleeve garments to be removed and examined, for which the petitioners shall cooperate, the Court said.

Source: http://www.outlookindia.com/news/article/hc-allows-muslim-girls-to-appear-for-medical-entrance-test-with-hijab/907441


Source: islamicnewsdaily

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