Islam Christianity Similarity

Christianity and Islam share some similarity. There are many prophets who are mentioned in both, such as, Abraham, Moses, and Lot & Adam.

However, the similarity ends in many fronts, but an understanding of the differences can either bring peace and harmony between the followers of the two faiths or hate and tension as we are seeing today.

Let’s be sincere about our motives by trying to understand the differences, and not over exaggerate the similarities.

Christians, in general, consider ‘Iesa or Jesus (Peace be upon him) as the Son of God or as God himself. But, Muslims take ‘Iesa (as) as another prophet, who was sent to lead the people of ancient Israel (Israelites).

Christians received guidance from God via ‘Iesa in terms of the Injil (the name of the book mentioned in the Qur’an). Not much is known about what was in the Injil since there is a lot of doubt surrounding the authenticity of the Bible.

On the other hand, Muslims received the Qur’an via prophet Muhammed (pbuh). The Qur’an has been conclusively verified as authentic with no major or minor modifications by thousands of scholars all throughout the time.

Allah (swt) gave ‘Iesa (as) physical miracles to convince people that he was indeed a messenger and a prophet of God. He could heal the sick and even bring the dead back to life. However, this miracle served to be relevant only while ‘Iesa (as) was alive. And when he (as) went, he took away with him his miracle, leaving no evidence of his presence apart from a small group of followers.

On the other hand, Allah (swt) revealed the Qur’an to Muhammed (phuh). The Qur’an itself was the miracle sent by Allah to prophet Muhammed. The Qur’an stands as the world’s only linguistic miracle. Nothing similar to the Qur’an has ever been made. It is the living proof that Muhammed (pbuh) was indeed a Messenger and a prophet of God.

Finally, Islam is a complete way of life, giving Muslims and non-Muslims rules and laws dealing with all aspect of people’s lives. While Christianity only deals with personal rituals in some detail, and everything else is too general for any practical use.

If you want to state some differences (or similarities) then please do so below.

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