Islam Religion Encourages Learning, Observation and Science

A thousand years Islamic empire was honored as the most developed and advanced civilization across the world. This is again because of the fact that Islam never halted anyone from learning and even Islam shows great importance to it. This desire of knowledge inculcated in Muslims tolerance, discipline and respect for authority. The Islamic beliefs and teachings persuade many Muslims to achieve their destination in the fields of science, astronomy and medicine.

It was their passion and enthusiasm for learning which resulted in the conversion of all Greek material available on Medicine, Astronomy and Science to the Arabic language. Baghdad was the hub for all this written material. Damascus, Cairo shared the same status. It was Muslims who first invented the present day cheque system. Soon, Arabic became the international language for trade and transfer of thoughts. The center of activity and knowledge shifted to east and Baghdad became the light house for the dark and ignorant Europe. The Muslim community emerged as the inventors of many scientific notions, with novelty and efficiency being their core values.

Particularly in the field of medicine Muslims accomplished many milestone and invented cure for several diseases and increase the common life expectancy. Hence, Muslims became the one and only great torchbearers of research in the fields of medicine and science. Some of the early master pieces in these fields came from the pens’ of Muslim scientists who always loved their work. It was their great motivation that ultimately led to the foundation of first university Al-Azhar(800AD) in the world. Today the western medical system is not only originated from Arab wisdom but also is based on same theories. The Muslims Arabs were the forefathers of current day medicine and scientific fields.

In this world there are number of people who have laid their lives to death, drunk or eaten up to death. Nobody ever died of learning or gaining knowledge. Infect those who refrain themselves from learning enjoy no fun in life, they remain ignorant all long the life. There are plenty of subjects and topics to learn and one can always continue to educate himself, there is just no limit to wisdom.

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