Islamic Architecture Photos

A few nice Islamic Masjid images I found:

Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship interior
Islamic Masjid
Image by leeno

Taj Mahal
Islamic Masjid
Image by antkriz
It was Shah Jehan who ordered the building of the Taj, in honor of his wife, Arjumand Banu who later became known as Mumtaz Mahal. Mumtaz and Shah Jehan were married in 1612. So great was the Emperor’s love to his wife that he ordered the building of the most beautiful mausoleum on Earth for her as a memory of her after she passed away…

Although it is not known for sure who planned the Taj, the name of an Indian architect of Persian descent, Ustad Ahmad Lahori, has been cited in many sources. As soon as construction began in 1630, masons, craftsmen, sculptors, and calligraphers were summoned from Persia, the Ottoman Empire, and Europe to work on the masterpiece. The site was chosen near the Capital, Agra on the southwest bank of the River Yamuna. The architectural complex is comprised of five main elements: the Darwaza or main gateway, the Bageecha or garden, the Masjid or mosque, the Naqqar Khana or rest house, and the Rauza or the Taj Mahal mausoleum. The actual Tomb is situated inside the Taj.

The unique mughal style combines elements of Persian, Central Asian, and Islamic architecture. Most impressive are the black and white chessboard marble floor, the four tall minarets (40 m high) at the corners of the structure (which is built with a slight tilt on the outside… apparently Shah Jehan told, even if there were to be an earthquake, he did not want them to fall on the tomb…), and the majestic dome in the middle. On closer look, the lettering of the Quran verses around the archways appears to be uniform, regardless of their height. The lettering spacing and density has been customized to give this impression to the beholder. Other illusionary effects have been accounted for in the geometry of the tomb and the tall minarets. The impressive pietra dura artwork includes geometric elements, plants and flowers, mostly common in Islamic architecture.

Darul Hikam’s minaret
Islamic Masjid
Image by Ikhlasul Amal
Darul Hikam is one islamic school in North of Bandung. They have a mosque and I took a shot for its minaret.

This picture was taking from pedestrian overpass.

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