Jumu’ah Salaat

Allah Ta’ala does not like anything more than salaat.

Friday has been accorded the most amount of merits as opposed to other days, so much so that the father of all mankind Hadrat Aadam alayhis salaam was created on this day, a special salaat was therefore ordered for this day. We have already mentioned the benefits and wisdom of jama’at. It has also been made clear that the bigger the jama’at the more those benefits will become apparent. This will only be possible if the people of all the different areas and the residents of that place get together and offer their salaat collectively. This would have been extremely difficult if it were to be done five times daily. Because of all this, the Shariah has specified such a day in the week in which the people of all the different residential areas and villages can get together and fulfil this ibaadah. Since jumu’ah is the most virtuous and noble of days, this ibaadah has been specified for this day. Allah Ta’ala had also specified this day as a day of ibaadah for the previous nations. But because of their bad-luck, they disputed and differed with regards to it. The result of this dispute was that they were deprived of this great bounty and this ummah has been favoured with this bounty. The Jews set aside Saturday on the basis that Allah Ta’ala had completed creating the entire creation on this day. The Christians set aside Sunday thinking that this is the day when Allah Ta’ala commenced with the creation. Because of this, both these groups make numerous arrangements on both these days – leaving all work on these days and spending it in worship. It is because of this that all the offices are closed on Sundays in Christian countries.

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