ALLAH mentioned the descriptions of the Believers in Quran. One of these descriptions is that they

keep blood ties and fear their Lord.

The word “SILAH” is used for it.It means “to join”.

Here it means to keep relations with relatives and treat them kindly even if they ignore you.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said,

“whoever wants an increase in his wealth and life Spain,he should keep relations with his kin.” (Sahi Bukhari hadith #9585)

In this time everyone desires that his wealth is increased and he is given a long life,and this is the best way to achieve that.

In other Hadith the Prophet(peace be upon him) said,

“By joining relation with kin;the love in house hold ,the wealth and the life Spain is increased”.(Tirmidhi)

The opposite of keeping blood ties is”breaking them” and that is a very big sin.

The Prophet(peace be upon him) said, “One who breaks blood ties, will not enter paradise”. (Sahi Bukhari)

Written by:
Abu Waqid Tahir Ahmed

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