Masjid Al Nabawi Photos

Check out these cool masjid al nabawi images:

Minarets of the Masjid-al-Nabawi at night.

Image by transposition

Minaret of Masjid al-Nabawi, Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Image by phoogler
Last three weeks I was at Saudi Arabia with my father. I had got chance to visit Mecca and Madinah, the two holy places for Muslims.

Its being nearly a month from my last post. While I was at Saudi, flickr was blocked. When I came back to Cochin on last Thursday was blocked. 😀
Thank god! now I can access both.

I don’t have a wide angle lens. So this photo is taken in two shorts and merged.

Masjid al Nabawi, Madina

Image by twocentsworth
The glorious mosque of the Prophet in Madina, Saudi Arabia

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