Masjid Photos Around the World

A few nice Masjid images I found:


Image by Lal Beral
Passing another of the four gates of Jami Masjid.


Image by Lal Beral
Apparently, if one enters the Jami Masjid, one can see a collection of Mohammed’s relics: two sections of the Koran written on deerskin by relatives of the prophet, a red hair from Mohammed’s beard, his sandals, and his “footprint” embedded in a marble slab.


Image by Lal Beral
Another side of Jami Masjid. The mosque was designed by Shah Jahan and built by a workforce of 5,000 between 1644 and 1656. It stands on Bho Jhala, one of Shahjahanabad’s two hills. There are two 40 meter (131 foot) high minarets; the southern one offers extensive views of all of Delhi. We didn’t stop to go inside.

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