It all began in the year 610 C.E.4, with a few brave individuals differing in tribe, status, and gender, secretly winding through the alleys of Makkah to meet the man known as Al-Ameen (i.e. the trustworthy). One by one they went, like stealthy shadows in the moonlight, hoping not to be noticed and reported to powerful city leaders. They were prepared to sacrifice it all – their cultures, families, even their own lives – for the sake of worshipping One True God.

Al-Ameen had called them to cast aside the pagan religion of their forefathers, and to embrace pure monotheism. The 40-year-old man, whose name was Muhammad, (), claimed that Allah saw all people, men and women, free and enslaved, as equal: A message which would, in two short decades, bring peace to the war-torn Arabian Peninsula and beyond; a message forbidding tribal feudalism and corruption by any leader; a message that came to be known as “Islam,” calling for devotion and submission to God alone.

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