Who was he?

Thomas Carlyle, the famous Scottish writer, attested to this. He said in his book ‘Heroes, Hero- Worship, and the Heroic in History’:

‘But, from an early age, he had been remarked as a thoughtful man. His companions named him “Al Amin, The Faithful.” A man of truth and fidelity; true in what he did, in what he spoke and thought. They noted that he always meant something. A man rather taciturn in speech;silent when there was nothing to be said; but pertinent, wise, sincere, when he did speak; always throwing light on the matter. This is the only sort of speech worth speaking! Through life we find him to have been regarded as an altogether solid, brotherly, genuine man. A serious, sincere character; yet amiable, cordial, companionable, jocose even – a good laugh
in him withal: there are men whose laugh is as untrue as anything about them; who cannot laugh.
A spontaneous, passionate, yet just, true meaning man! Full of wild faculty, fire and light; of wild worth, all uncultured; working out his life – takes in the depth of the Desert there.’

‘They called him a prophet, you say? Why, he stood there face to face with them, here, not enshrined in any mystery, visibly clouting his own cloak, cobbling his own shoes, fighting, counseling ordering in the midst of them. They must have seen what kind of a man he was, let him be called what ye like.
No emperor with his tiaras was obeyed as this man in a cloak of his own clouting. During three and twenty years of rough, actual trial, I find something of a veritable hero necessary for that of itself.’

If we say the physical appearance of a person influences their personality, as do sociologists, the Prophet () was the most beautiful of people as his companions, who saw him, informed us.
The Prophet () was of a slightly above-average height. Amazingly, in gatherings, he would appear taller than those actually taller than him – until the people dispersed. In complexion, he was white with a rosy tinge; pale, but not excessively so. His hair was jet black and wavy, but stopped short of curling, and was kept between his earlobes and shoulders. Sometimes he would part his hair at the middle. Other times, he would wear it braided. The Prophet () had the physique of a powerful man. He had a broad upper-back and shoulders, between which was the Seal of Prophet-hood. He had long muscular limbs, large joints and a wide
girth. His lean stomach never protruded out past the profile of his chest. His face was radiant, “as if the sun were following its course across and shining from his face,” His shoulders were broad; he was of medium height, neither too tall nor short.He was pleasant looking and majestic; people were full of awe when they saw him for the first time, and knew that his face was not one of a liar.

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