Oh Mountains of Mecca

  Oh Mountains of Mecca

Oh Mountains of Mecca, what can you say
Of the day that Abraham passed your way

And He was instructed by God to build
A House of peace where people will pray

And they will come on every lean camel and out of every ravine
For the purpose of praising Allah, to glorify Allah

Oh Mountains of Makkah, what can you tell
Of the day that stones from the sky fell
Destroying an army determined to break
The House of Allah that Abraham built

Oh Mountains of Makkah, how was the dawn
On the day that my Prophet Muhammad was born
How did it feel knowing he was to be, the last and most beloved of all
Rasul of Allah, Nabi of Allah

Oh Mountains of Makkah,oh you were there
When the Prophet Muhammad climbed down in despair
Engraved in his heart were the words of his Lord
To all of mankind this was his call

La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad-u-Rasullullah
Oh people praise only Allah, Glorify Allah

(Mountains Of Makkah – Zain Bhikha)

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