Russia vetoes UN genocide resolution on Srebrenica

Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin on Wednesday called the UK-drafted resolution "not constructive [Reuters]

Russia has vetoed a UN resolution that would have condemned the 1995 massacre at Srebrenica during the Bosnian war as a “crime of genocide”.

Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin on Wednesday called the UK-drafted text “not constructive, confrontational and politically-motivated,” arguing that it unfairly singled out Bosnian Serbs for war crimes.

“The draft that we have in front of us will not help peace in the Balkans but rather doom this region to tension,” Churkin told the council meeting that began with a minute of silence to remember the victims.

The Security Council put the resolution to a vote on Wednesday, despite appeals from Russia and China not to because of divisions in the UN’s most powerful body.

The vote condemning the mass killing 20 years ago as an act of genocide was 10-1, with four abstentions – Angola, China, Nigeria and Venezuela.

‘Legal fact’ 

The UK had put forward the draft text, hoping the Security Council would formally recognise Europe’s worst atrocity since World War II as an act of genocide for the first time, and condemning genocide denial.

British Deputy Ambassador Peter Wilson accused Russia of siding “with those who are unwilling to accept the facts today”

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