Sanjiv Bhatt’s son: I salute you dad for fighting Modi govt over Gujarat riots


New Delhi: Former IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt, who had taken on the Gujarat government headed by the then CM Narendra Modi over the 2002 post-Godhra riots and was recently sacked on the ground of unauthorised absence from service, on Thursday shared an emotional message from his son Shantanu Bhatt, encouraging him to continue the fight against the ‘subverted system’.

Here’s the full message:

My son, Shantanu, was at King’s Cross Station, London, when he learnt about my being removed from service. He sent me this message from the station. Shweta and I are to proud to have a loving son like him.

On this sad day, when the Republic of India loses one of its brightest, most intelligent, upright and courageous officer. I would like to salute you dad, I would like to salute you and thank you, as your son and as an educated, aware and responsible citizen of this wonderful country, for doing what was right without even thinking once what effects it might have on you and your career as an Indian Police Service Officer.

I would like to thank you for standing up for the people whose screams for help and protests fell on deaf ears! I would like to tell you today, how proud of you I am for fighting an uphill battle against a well equipped and dangerously subverted system with all your might and vigour, but let me remind you that the battle is not over yet! It has just gotten dirtier and more dangerous, but you still stand where you stood 14 years ago in 2002 and with the same courage and fearlessness that you had when you entered the Indian Police Service 27 years ago, ready to take on even the most pernicious government which presides over the Republic of India at the moment.

We as a family have always stood behind you, supporting you and we will continue you to do so, the reprobate people running this government might try even harder to unsettle us a family now. But let me tell them that we are a family bound by undying love, trust and respect for each other, vain yet consistent attempts to break you and break us will only make us stronger and unflinching in our support towards you and the cause you are fighting for!

And lastly, I would like to congratulate you for getting freedom from the shackles of this rancorous government which tries to break and antagonise anyone who tries to speak up against them, or tries to stand up for what is right! In this new chapter of your life, I would wish you all the very best for pursuing whatever makes you happy and satisfies you and we as a family will always be behind you, supporting every decision you take!

Lots of love and respect,

Shantanu Bhatt

(An extremely proud and loving son)

with Aakashi Bhatt.

“Yes, it is true that my services have been terminated. This was expected. They have been conducting a completely ex-parte inquiry. I got the letter (sack order) from them (the home ministry),” Bhatt told PTI this evening.

Gujarat chief secretary G R Aloria confirmed the development. “Services of Sanjiv Bhatt have been terminated,” he said.

Bhatt said he was sacked on the basis of “a sham inquiry” with regard to his “unauthorized absence” from service when he had come to Ahmedabad to depose before the SIT probing the 2002 riots.

“They (government) have been conducting a sham inquiry … an ex-parte inquiry about unauthorized absence from duty,” Bhatt said.

(With PTI inputs)

Source: islamicnewsdaily

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