Saudi Arabia biggest donor to UN for anti-terrorism


JEDDAH: The Kingdom has maintained its position as the top global financial supporter of the United Nations Center for Counter-Terrorism (UNCCT), with a $11 million donation to its trust fund in 2015.

In 2014, the Kingdom gave $100 million to help the body, which had been set up three years earlier. The United States is the world’s second leading supporter with $4.9 million, according to a report in a local publication on Monday.
The Saudi government outlined its anti-terror policy decades ago, which is aimed at fighting groups that endanger its sovereignty and those of other countries, the report stated. This was part of the vision of the late King Abdullah, who had mooted a world body back in 2005. The organization has welcomed the support from the Kingdom, saying it would boost the fight on the national, regional and international fronts.
The center’s consultative council would define the priorities of a new strategy and action plan over the coming period to ensure a “distinctive” battle against militant operators, the report stated. Other countries and entities that have contributed to the center include Norway with $2.4 million, Spain $2.04 million, European Union $1.9 million, Sweden $689,500, Denmark $684,000, Netherlands $61,700, Germany $425,000 and Switzerland $315,700.
Operating under the United Nations secretary general and the umbrella of the Department of Political Affairs, it contributes to the implementation of the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy. It has initiated 31 counter-terrorism projects around the world, according to the body’s website.
The UNCCT conducts regular consultations with the different United Nations working groups to identify valuable projects and monitor their implementation. The UNCCT benefits from the advice of 22 members of its advisory board, chaired by Abdullah Yahya A. Al-Mouallimi, permanent representative of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations. Jeffrey Feltman, under-secretary general for political affairs, is the executive director of the center.
The objectives of the center aims at “buttressing the implementation of all four pillars of the strategy in a comprehensive and integrated manner through the development of national and regional counter-terrorism strategy implementation plans.
“The UNCCT will undertake initiatives aimed at fostering international counter-terrorism cooperation and promote collaboration between national, regional and international counter-terrorism centers and organizations.”
Through collaboration with various working groups, the UNCCT “serves a critical role in building capacity of member states to strengthen their counter-terrorism capability.”


Source: islamicnewsdaily

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