Saying “Ya Ali Madad” is Shirk

It is Shirk to say such things as “Ya Ali Madad” (O Ali, help us). Indeed, we should only call
out with “Ya Allah Madad.” Only Allah and Allah alone can hear and answer our prayers. Thus, we
should only go to Him and Him alone for help. We see that the very basic foundation block of
Shi’ism is rooted in Shirk.

Grave Worship

It is polythiestic the manner in which the Shia go to their shrines and cry next to them, rub them,
and pray to them. It is Shirk reminscent of the Jahiliyyah times when the pagan Arabs used to do
this. Tawheedullah (the Unity and Oneness of Allah) is the central tenet of Islam, and the Shia are
guilty of violating this core belief by engaging in Shirk, which is the absolute major sin in Islam.
The main emphasis in Islam is to stay away from Shirk, and yet the Shia embrace practices and  customs that foster Shirk.

Turbah: Sajdah to the Imams

By praying to stones made from the shrines of their Imams and saints, the Shia are practising a
polytheistic and paganistic grave-worshipping; they are quite literally making Sajood (prostration) to the Imams or Saints. Indeed, praying to the Turbah of these Imams and saints is Bidah (evil innovation) and Shirk; it is not much different than idol worshipping.

Who Invented Shirk?

The people of Prophet Nuh (عليه السلام) were the originators of Shirk in the form of idol-worshiping.  We see that the Shia have fallen into all the same traps as these people did. The Shia have erected
shrines for their Imams and saints. They put up pictures of them and they invoke their names in prayer. Some even do Tasbeeh to their names. They ask their dead Imams and saints for special favors and believe in Waseelah through their Imams and saints.

Fatwa On Saying “Ya Ali Madad”

Official Fatwa from the Permanent Committee and Fiqh Council on those who call for help from         other than Allah, using such innovations as “Ya Ali Madad”.

   Shrines: the Need to Raze Them and Level the Graves

It is a sad state of affairs that errant Muslims have raised graves, mounted shrines over them, and
exalted the dead as was the practise of the pagans before the Call to Islam. Today, Muslims have  built huge shrines over the graves of some of the Ahlel Bayt, Sahabah, the righteous people, and others. This has led to the inevitable result of mimicking pagans who worship the dead, either directly or indirectly. There is therefore a necessity to raze to the ground these pagan shrines and to level the graves, as was the Sunnah.

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