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Importance of Appearance-ARRIVING FROM A JOURNEY

3 ARRIVING FROM A JOURNEY If you are traveling to visit someone or if you are about to receive guests, whether those in question are your parents, relatives, peers, or friends of a different age, make sure that your hands, feet, and socks are clean,

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Importance of Appearance-CLEANLINESS AND WASHING

2 CLEANLINESS AND WASHING The Sunna is to keep perfume and to use it regularly on oneself. Al-Bukhari narrated that Salman Al-Farsi said: the Prophet, peace be upon him, said ‘Allah will forgive the sins of the past week for he who on Friday will

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Importance of Appearance-Muslim Personality

1 Distinct Muslim Personality Islam advocates this etiquette and stresses it so as to perfect the Muslim personality and to bring about harmony among people. There is no doubt that embodying such manners and virtues enhances personal style and qualities, refines personality and brings us