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Complete believer

“A complete believer is he from whose tongue and hand (actions) his fellow Muslims are safe”. (Bukhari & Muslim) Anas (رضى الله عنه) said: “I served the Messenger of Allah when he was at home and on journeys from the time he came to Medina,

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Getting Closer to Allah

[1] A believer should make it his/her habit to recite a portion of the Holy Qur’an every day. Recital of the Qur’an is also a strong means in cleansing the hearts of the dirt of sins. [2] Stay away from all sins, especially back-biting, slandering

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Islamic Beliefs

The Islamic creed did not begin with the prophet hood of Muhammad ()1, nor was it invented by him. It is essentially the same message contained in previous divine scriptures and taught by all prophets of Allah. Islamic beliefs are eternal truths that neither change