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Raising your Child to be a Muslim

It is the duty of the parents to be an example to their children and advise them. Allah (Subhanahu Ta’ala) tells us of the advise that Luqman Hakeem gave to his son, “Behold, Luqman said To his son by way of instruction: “O my son!

With three hundred and sixty joints!

The messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said that every one of the children of Adam has been created with three hundred and sixty joints. [Narrated by Muslim] ‹‹إنه خلق كل إنسان من بني آدم على ستين وثلاثمائة مفصل››[رواه مسلم] The scientific fact: ‘A’isha

Ayat al-Kursi

  It is the Most Respectable Ayat of the Qur’aan Kareem. Some important benefits of the respected Ayat The respected Ayat comprises of many important benefits. Some are mentioned hereunder: 1. This is the most lofty Ayat of the Qur’aan Kareem. 2. That is the