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True Happiness

Don’t search for happiness in a place where you won’t find it… Know that true happiness comes from Allah, and it lasts forever.

day and night

  Call on Allah day and night Call on Allah day and night, He listens to you, supplicate to Him, and seek His aid. If you have found Him, then you have found everything. By supplicating to Him you are performing one of the highest

Beauty of a woman

The beauty of a woman: Is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair, or the style she does make up. The beauty of a woman: must be seen in her Hijab, and her eyes,

Amma Hawwa (RA) “Eve”

Hawwa was the first woman and the first Muslimah to be created by Allah (s.w.t).In fact, her name means “the source of life”. The name Hawwa itself is not mentioned in the Qur’an but is mentioned in hadeeth literature. For it is there that we