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It’s A Matter of Love

Ever been in love? Stayed up nights thinking about the object of your adoration? Ever felt the helplessness, the vulnerability of falling in love? Ever felt your life was on a standstill, revolving as though in a strange cacophony of thoughts, emotions and words around

Physical Benefits of saying Salat

  Importance of Salat has been given in the Quran. Allah says “Surely Prayer restrains one from indecency”. (29:46) Surah e Luqman The benefits of Salat are as follows: Salat is an exercise that reduces cholesterol in the body that causes heart failures, strokes, diabetes

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Believers, to whom Allah has promised the joys of Paradise, are those who sincerely believe that He created the whole universe from nothing, who know and remember the Creator by His most beautiful names and recognize His eternal power and might, and who spend their