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Love for Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

“Say (O Muhammad) “If you do love Allah, follow me: Allah will love you and forgive you your sins: for Allah is oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”   (Ali-Imran, 3:31) Love for the Prophet (saw) will open the doors to attain Allah’s Love. By emulating the ways of


  In the sight of Allah Ta’ala, salaat has a very great distinction. No other act of ibaadah is dearer to Allah than salaat. Allah Ta’ala has made five times salaat compulsory on His servants. There is a great reward in offering salaat and a

Those Who Love Allah Love The Prophets And The Believers

Due to their strengthened love and genuine closeness, those who have faith love all of Allah’s creations and see the manifestation of His attributes in every creation. As the Qur’an declares”Your friend is only Allah, His messenger, and those who believe: those who perform prayer,

Love of Dunya for Akhirah

The believer who isolates himself from people is ultimately isolating himself from God, for Islām focuses as much on the individual as it does on the community. “And what is the life of this world but an enjoyment of self-delusion?” (Al-Hadid, 57:20) Man’s obsession for

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Story of Prophet Shia (Isaiah)

Isaiah and Hezekiah Among the prophets between David and Zakariah is Isaiah (pbuh), Ibn Amoz (Amisiah). According to Muhammad Ibn Ishaaq, Isaiah (pbuh) appeared before Zakariah (pbuh) and Yahya (John the Baptist) (pbuh). He is among those who prophesied about Isa (Jesus) (pbuh) and Muhammad

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The Prophet’s guidance concerning food and drink

The Prophet’s guidance concerning food and drink Including observing diets, refraining from excessive eating and the general guidelines that should be observed regarding eating and drinking. Al-Musnad (by Imam Ahmad) narrated that the Prophet a said: Hadith 1 “The son of Adam never fills a

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Introduction of the Prophet’s Sermons – 2

Prophet’s sermon in which he reminded people of Alláh, the Exalted; and called to loving Him and loving each other for His Sake. lbn Ishaq said: Al-Bukhári, vol. 6, p. 94 Muslim, vol. 1, p. 194 “The Messenger of Alláh saww gave another speech in