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Authority of the Sunnah

Many Muslims get confused between the general term of Sunnah, which includes all the sayings and actions of the Prophet, and between the term Sunnah when used in fiqh issues where it means ”recommended”. For example, since the Prophet used to pray 2 rak’at before

Songs and Shirk

(Biggest sin in Islam) Listening to Music is itself Haram in Islam and there are several Hadiths against it. today most of the songs contains such sentences that are against Toheed and contains Shirk. a song ( tuj mai Rab dikhta hai) which means i

Sorcery the 3rd Biggest Sin…in ISLAM

Sorcery the 3rd Biggest Sin… Sorcery is the 3rd major sin after shirk and murder, because the sorcerer must necessarily disbelieve and the accursed Devil has no other motive for teaching a person witchcraft than that he might thereby ascribe associates to Allah. Allah, the