The believer, who is (by definition) a follower of the Messengers, orders people to follow the orders of the messengers so that religion may be for Allah alone, [and he does] not [act] for his personal benefit.

When he orders someone in this way he (in fact) loves him and helps him, and is happy to see others doing the same.

When he does good to people, he does so only seeking the Face of Allah, the Most High, and knows that Allah bestowed favors upon him by making him a doer of good, and not a doer of evil. He therefore intends his every deed for Allah, because it is done by the grace of Allah.

This is mentioned in the Opening of the Book (al-Fatiha), about which we mentioned that the need of all of the creation for it is greater than their other needs.

This is why reciting it in every prayer, to the exception of any other soorah, was made obligatory upon them.  Its like has not been revealed neither in the Tawrah, nor the Injeel, nor the Zaboor, nor the Qur’an. And in it is (the verse), “It is You we worship and You we ask for help.” [al-Fatiha (1):5]

So the believer intends his deed for Allah, because he worships Him Alone.  And he sees that his deeds are done by His grace, because he seeks help from Him Alone.  So he does not seek from anyone who behaves well towards him either reward or thanks, because what he did for him, he did for Allah’s sake.  As the righteous said:  “We feed you only for the countenance [i.e. approval] of Allah.  We wish not from you reward or gratitude.” [al-Insaan (76):9] So the believer does not consider what he did a favor, nor causes harm to him (by reminding him of what he did for him), for he knows that Allah is the Bestower of favors upon him, when He uses him in goodness.  [He knows] that this is a favor from Allah to both him and that other person.

So the believer must thank Allah, when He eases him towards ease, and the other must also thank Allah, when He facilitates for him that someone brings to him what benefits him, from provision, or knowledge, or help, or something similar.

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