The Islamic Hijab

The Islamic Hijab


A sister wrote once :

“I watched a video lately about … how to tie a Hijab!!!!! YES! Now there is an “art” of tying the Hijab, and it’s not al Hijab al shar’i (the Islamic Hijab) of course, but this is a “stylish” Hijab which shaytan beautify it in front of them and whispered them to wear it!! It comes with different colors and looks! Yes! There are different ways to wear this “Hijab” :

There is one with layers, one with big flower(s) one the side, one with very attractive colors, one with accessories, one which looks like camel hump, one which sparkles, one with golden and silver design, etc, …. and many many others which take much time to be tied.

Unfortunately, many sisters spend hours watching videos to learn the “proper” steps of tying this kind of “Hijab”!! Some others even go to hair stylish (in some Arabic countries) to tie these scarves (in “special” occasions) and pay money for that! The funny thing is that these “Hijabs” attract attention more than the natural uncover hair does!!! But is this the Hijab Allah ordered Muslimats to wear in Qur’an?!!! Does this “Hijab” please Allah? Of course not!!! Why does Allah order Muslimat to wear Hijab: to attract eyes or to protect her from them?! If the scarf the Muslimah wears isn’t loose enough and does not cover her arms and chest so what will be the purpose of wearing it?!! THINK!

Please sisters! spread this message everywhere; Share it with all your sisters! Jazakumullahu khairan…



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