The meaning of “Tauheed” is to believe that there is no Partner to Allah in His Being and in His Attributes. In other words, how Almighty Allah is, we do not believe that there is another being like Him. If any person believes on the contrary, then his belief would constitute Shirk. We should remember that the attributes of Allah, among others, include the act of Listening, Seeing and Possessing Knowledge. If any individual believes that another possesses these Attributes, he will be guilty of Shirk.

By accepting Tauheed, we believe that Tauheed is fundamental part of our life, And that there is no other supreme power except Allah. We can say entire religion is hidden inside the phrase of Tauheed. According to Lisan ul Arab by Ibn e Mandhoor, Tauheed means “to make something one, or to assert oneness of something”. It is very necessary that we not just stick to the phrase of Tauheed but should try to enter into the soul of word Tauheed.

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