Another common problem is gastritis!have mentioned about taking hot chili and spices and said that it is not a very wise choice of food for breaking the fast! Neither are caffeine drinks,especially if one is sensitive to caffeine.find that a cup of coffee or tea an hour or so after breaking the fast is not too harmful for the average person but for the sensitive person it is enough to cause a digestive upset as well as insomnia or, in the case of tea,the tannin content in the tea may cause constipation to a bowel that is already sluggish from the reduced peristalsis caused by the fast! A very good drink for breaking the fast would be a tea made from fresh ginger! take fresh young ginger and crush it, and add hot water and honey and a little limejuice, or lemon juice. It helps digestion and is a very soothing drink to take after a fast.fresh young ginger may not be too easy to find in the West though and ginger powder may have to do but won’ t taste as good!

Other simple solutions to hyperacidity may be Magnesium Trisilicate, which can be bought at the pharmacy. It has the added advantage of being mildly laxative which helps in the fasting month! Read labels and do not buy anything that contains aluminum. We get enough from aluminum foils and aluminum cans and do not need an extra dose of it! Aluminum has been implicated in Alzheimer’s disease and one should avoid any antacid that contains aluminum and mind you, many actually do.

There is an effect of experiencing a high from eating even from 2 days of fasting the Muslim way.this would be difficult to explain to people who have not experienced this high! When we are eating every day and eating very regularly.we sometimes get to the point that the eating does not seem to be contributing to our would taste great but a little bit would be enough and after a meal there would be a surge of energy and a sense of well being that would have been absent before the fast.

For a month long fast, it is the same but, on an extended scale! There are several differences in routine that happens when we fast and that is that we have to sleep less, because of the pre dawn meal and prayers. It would help to sleep early but usually what happens is that after breaking the fast in the evening, there is so much energy that one does not feel like sleeping early and would use the time for reading and prayers or talking or doing a hundred and one things that one did not feel like doing in the day time while fasting!This does not always happen though, if one has taken too much food when breaking the fast, what happens is an extreme lethargy and sleepiness and you may find yourself sleeping right after breaking the fast so if you do not want to go to sleep after breaking the fast, make sure you do not fill your stomach to the brim! It is also not a commendable thing to do!

The Prophet’s instructions on eating are very simple, “Eat when hungry and do not eat until you feel full. There should be one third of your stomach with food, one third with liquid and, one-third with air!” The wonderful thing though that you will find is, that after some time, you will not need so much sleep and can make do with less sleep. This seems to be a result of eating less!

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