Inward Looking Time

There is a little bit would like to address about the emotional and mental effects of fasting.stop what you do as a routine in your life, forget about that extra ironing that you do, vacuum the house less, spend less time on the computer, change your routine in whatever way you can and, do beneficial things you never had the time for! Read that motivational book that you have bought a few months ago and never had the time for, read the Quran and make sure you ponder over the meanings. MAKE ROOM in your life for new things by removing from it the stuff that is keeping away the new things that are needed in your life.

Your mind is clear when you fast, because the energy spent on digesting food, is now not being expended and is available to your brain. The emotional support you get from the sense of togetherness, the breaking of the fast with the family,the increased consciousness about keeping away the negative, makes this an ideal time to reflect, to think and to grow in our realizations besides the extra prayers that we do.

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