Every part of the Universe is ever locked in the concept of Peace,
From the moment of creation,
The word to have found light in the Heavens was Peace,
A piece of the heart is engrossed in the meditation of Peace,
The every second which passes in concentration of the Unique Allah swt,
Alights from the meaning of Peace,
Peace: A simple and yet a word so great, so profound and heart-felt,
At Origin, all the religions of the world have brought Peace as the very good news to be shared,
Through the heart and soul of mankind,
Peace is the link which brings man closer to Allah swt ,
It is Peace which identifies itself as one of the greatest attributes of the Lord of the Heavens and Earth,
And Peace which gathers the lost ones in fraternity,
Most important, it is Peace which separates the good from evil,
For as history of mankind tells us,
“Love for All, Hatred for none”,
Therefore, the basis for all true love, fraternity and friendship takes its shoot from Peace,
Bringing it to the pinnacle of the Universe.

***Laa-Ilaaha Illallah Muhammadar Rassullullah***

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