Islam given special importance to Moral conduct, it is a way of behaving well with others by showing your nice word and kind manners. When a person asked about the moral conduct, Imam as-Sadiq answered:

“It is to become modest, speak honorable, and meet your brother cheerfully.”

Most of the individuals put effort on their looks and their personality. But the main aim of a person should be to look for the good Moral Conduct.

Holy Prophet said:” The best amongst you are the most well-mannered and generous ones who go on intimate terms with people and people go on intimate terms with them, and whose places of residence are frequently trodden on by guests.”

Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H) was a perfect example of the moral conduct, as well as other high moral standards. Because of his ideal moralities, he was able to seize the hearts, and deserved the worthily praise of Allah. There are many lessons of Moral Conduct mentioned in the Holy Quran.

Peace and Allah’s grace and blessings be upon you.”

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