Turkish warplanes hit Daesh targets inside Syria

Turkish F-16 fighter

Turkey’s Prime Ministry revealed on Friday that three of the country’s F-16 fighter jets hit Daesh targets in Syria towards morning.

“Three F-16 jets took off from Diyarbakir 8th Main Jet Base Command at 03.12 a.m. [0012 GMT], three Daesh targets were hit in an air operation between 03.40-03.53 am,” according to the statement.

The Prime Ministry confirmed that four guided bombs were dropped on two Daesh command posts and an assembly point and that the jets arrived back at their base at 04.24 a.m.

Turkish jets carried out the operation without violating Syrian airspace, according to the statement.

The air operation comes a day after a firefight with Daesh militants across the Syrian border, in which one Turkish soldier was killed and two others were wounded

Source: islamicnewsdaily

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