US: Obama urges Americans to denounce Islamophobia in Twitter


US: Obama urges Americans to denounce Islamophobia in Twitter

President Barack Obama used a question and answer session on social media Thursday to urge Americans to denounce bigotry.

The White House opened a hashtag on Twitter and invited users to submit questions to Obama about his experience at the White House.

One user took advantage of the #Ask POTUS to ask how to deal with Islamophobia — on rise in the U.S. thanks to anti-Muslim rhetoric from Donald Trump and other Republican presidential candidates in the wake of recent terror attacks.

“Overwhelming majority of Americans understand of diversity and religious pluralism is one of our greatest strengths,” Obama twitted. “So we all need to speak out against bias and stereotypes, to protect the freedom of others, and our own as well.”

The American president responded to questions using the @POTUS handle from which he personally tweets. The acronym represents President of the United States.

As for his greatest memory at the White House: “[T]he night aca passed; standing on [T]ruman balcony with all staff whod made it happen, knowing we’d helped millions,” he said, referring to the Affordable Care Act that was signed into law in March 2010.

Dubbed Obamacare, the legislation is considered one of the most significant regulatory overhaul of the U.S. health care system and a landmark accomplishment for Obama during his tenure.

On a lighter note, Obama fielded a question about his favorite basketball player. “#askpotus kobe[Bryant] , mj [Michael Jordan], or lebron (James).” His response: “Love em all, but as a bulls fan got to go with mj,” he tweeted.


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